Text The Romance Back 2.0 Review

by Sally on March 21, 2013

Text The Romance Back 2.0 Review

Text Messages to Bring Back the Spark in your Relationship?  Mmm, Forgive Our Skepticism, Won’t You.  But Hold On – Michael Fiore Really is the Relationship Guru of the Moment, so Perhaps We Should Give Him a Chance…

Okay, so once that honeymoon period’s worn off; once the realities of everyday life dig deep; when the baby won’t sleep through the night or you’re working every hour under the sun just to make ends meet – you know the score – is it really possible to keep the romance alive?  And by text message!  What is Michael Fiore on?

But the proof of the pudding, so they say, is in the eating, and Mr. Fiore certainly does have an outstanding track record for helping couples return to those blissful days when your heart pounded at the sound of his (or her) voice.  So it’s only fair that we give Text the Romance Back a genuine and unbiased road test.  Read on to see what we discovered…

What do you get for your money?300x250 PG13 neutral Text The Romance Back 2.0 Review

Well, to start with let’s make it clear that what we’re not talking about here is ‘sexting.’  Michael makes it very clear that there’s a difference between sexting and texting.  What this is about is using the power of the text message to send messages that honestly are romantic – even if one, or both, sides of a partnership think they don’t have a romantic bone in their body.

After all, does anyone honestly not want to be loved?

What Text the Romance does is to provide you with the secret insight into exactly how you can use the humble text message to literally sweep your partner off their feet.  And this includes those of you who might have been together for decades and believed that all the magic was gone once and for all.

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Text the Romance promises to show you exactly the way to

  • Make your partner eager to give you all the attention you deserve.
  • Give you the ability to make your husband or boyfriend fantasize about you when you’re apart, and count down the moments until the two of you are together once again
  • Know the way to make any guy you date suddenly develop a romance addiction, making it his life’s ambition to seduce you.

And he does this by first introducing you to some little known information into the way the male mind works.  Yes, ladies – that age old dilemma that you could have that relationship you dream of, if only you knew what he was thinking!

The thing is, romance means a very different thing to men than it does to women.

Ladies – romance to you probably means connection and communication with your partner, long evenings cuddled up by a fire and slow, sensual lovemaking.  For men, on the other hand, romance is a game.  And if you play the game wrong, you both lose.

Wow!  That’s quite a revelation, ladies.  But, Michael is quick to point out that beneath this, every man has a romantic interior just waiting to be set loose.  If only you know the right buttons to push that give him the permission to do so.

And What Text the Romance does, is give you the secret information that allows you to access that hidden tender romantic and allow him to become the loving Prince Charming of your dreams.  And it all comes down to these three rules.

  1. He needs you to tease him.  Because once a guy feels like he’s “won” you, he’s genetically hard-wired to lose interest.  Teasing brings back the thrill of the chase, when you remind him once again what a valuable prize you really are.
  2. He needs permission.  Yes, permission to be a “guy.”  To be unapologetically masculine, without worrying that he’ll be judged, yelled at and to be able to feel powerful and desired as a man.
  3. He needs you to make him feel safe.  Safe to let his guard down and be romantic without it being a big deal, and without the worry that any his friends or peers ever need know about it.

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Who is it for?

One thing that makes Text the Romance different from many other relationship programs out there, is that this is not just directly aimed at those who’ve been hurt in the past.  This is for everyone – including those in a happy relationship, an unhappy relationship, a long term relationship or just starting out on those tentative first few dates.  Heck, it’s aimed at those who aren’t even in a relationship right now, but just want some tips for when that next person makes your heart go all a-flutter.

And not only is it a great program for the ladies, but also for same-sex couples who go through exactly the same relationship issues as their heterosexual counterparts.

Who is Michael Fiore?

michael fiore1 300x210 Text The Romance Back 2.0 ReviewMichael Fiore is the possibly one of the best known relationships coach in the country right now.  He’s been featured on a list of TV shows as long as your arm – including The Rachel Ray Show and Fox TV.  This is one guy who actually knows what he’s talking about, helping not just hundreds, but thousands of couples resolve their differences and rekindle that flame that got them together in the first place.

And in case you were wondering, Michael is so confident that you’ll be happy with Text the Romance Back that it comes with a 60 day, no-questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

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The Pros

  • Text the Romance Back not only provides you with the information you need to communicate with your man in a way that pushes all the right buttons, but it can honestly transform a relationship overnight.
  • Everyone has a cell phone, and it takes very little effort to send a text message.  Even the most time pressed career woman or mother can find those few precious seconds to tap out a text.
  • The advantage of texting is that no matter where your man is, at any point in time and however busy he might be, you have the ability to send him a message that’ll have him sporting a goofy smile and thinking about you, and you only.
  • The power of texting is such that you can create a private fantasy world between the two of you, allowing him to open up in a manner that he might not feel comfortable doing using any other method of communication.  It’s private, it’s instant and it’s unbelievably powerful.
  • The program includes all the exact text messages you can use to hit your guy’s inner romantic soul, giving him no choice but to fall in love with you all over again.

The Cons

  • Okay, the biggest “con” is that Text the Romance Back is going to have you and your partner communicating so passionately via text message, that you’re going to need a larger text message bundle!
  • Your girlfriends are going to be desperate to know how you’ve managed to get your man to treat you in a manner they can only dream of.  It’s up to you to decide whether or not to let them in on your secrets.

The Bottom Line

Well ladies, as crazy as it seems, Mr. Fiore certainly seems to have hit the relationship nail firmly on the head with Text the Romance Back.  Because, when it comes down to it, a truly happy relationship isn’t about the big things – it’s about getting the little things right.  And communication is a vital part of that.  Learning those intimate secrets that allow you to  have true, two way, equal communication can honestly turn an ailing relationship into one that is not only thriving, but continues to get better and better.

After all, we all want to feel special.  And with Text the Romance Back, you really can change your relationship for the better.  Thanks, Michael Fiore – on behalf of the thousands of couples who will be forever in your debt.

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